I’m not sure Tamarisk will ever truly understand how much her advice, knowledge, and direction meant to us!! When faced with the unexpected need to design and build a house under a short amount of time, her professionalism, guidance and support were imperative to my health and wellness. Not to mention the outcome, which is a beautifully designed and decorated house, that is a perfect reflection of both my husband’s and my own personal tastes. Tamarisk never implied or told me what to do, but skillfully figured out what I wanted (even when I didn’t know I knew;). She helped us to prioritize spending based on our needs and wants. This helped us to keep things within our budget and still create a home we love. Her knowledge and passion for what she does was both inspiring and comforting! Our home feels like home because of her guidance! – K. Tupling

Tamarisk was a life saver in keeping me calm during the remodeling of our home. She understood exactly what I was hoping for in an end product and did everything she could to help me achieve it. Our new space is way more than we hoped for, it is a perfect fit for who we are. Tamarisk comes highly recommended. – S. Osborne

Tamarisk listened to what I wanted and came up with a design that I never imagined. No picture in a magazine or on Pinterest could have helped me come up with it on my own. My kitchen feels much more spacious, has flow/congruency, ample storage, and is 100% more useable and sellable. – S. Reynolds

Tamarisk understood our vision almost immediately and brought us excellent ideas for flooring, cabinetry and finishes quickly. She responded quickly to our questions, worries and problems with a solution or idea that kept our vision in mind. With Tamarisk’s help and guidance, our newly renovated home looks divine. It is warm, welcoming, modern…just as we envisioned it would be. It is ‘us’! – M. Schuler

I knew from the moment we met and shared ideas that Tamarisk would be the perfect fit for our project. She listened attentively and took notes, asked questions and respectfully made suggestions. When our first meeting ended, I knew she had a clear understanding of the space I was trying to create. – A.Ward